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My dear husband Kevin is another person whose language prevents me from sharing most of his isms.  There are a few that are safe for the public, though.  For example, if he's trying to make the point that something is outdated, he uses the year "Nineteen Dickety Two."

"We really need to get an air conditioner that wasn't installed in Nineteen Dickety Two!"
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My bestie Brooke was visiting this past weekend.  She has a lot of isms that I cannot post publicly.  A few, though, are safe.  One of them is something she uses to signify that she's claiming ownership of something, whether it was intended for her or not.

For instance, she saw a shirt of mine and said, "This matches my blue and purple hair.  You should give it to me."  When I said no way, she replied, "I licked it.  It's mine!"


"Oh for Pete's sake!"

My mom has said this for years.  She was raised in the Church of Christ and her mother allowed nothing that could be regarded as cursing.  If I remember right, she couldn't even say "darn."  When she is frustrated, she can be heard exlaiming, "Oh for Pete's sake!"

I've always wondered who Pete is.


Cliff is my dad.  He says some things that you only hear from him.  Things that make you laugh, but eventually come to be expected in certain situations.  For example:

We're eating a family dinner and mom makes her patented yeast rolls.  Heavenly, they are.  As dad takes his first bite, he smiles really big and then says, "That's better than cake."